Vinyl Gloves Best Buy
Vinyl Gloves Best Buy
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Vinyl Gloves Best Buy
Our premium best-buy powder-free vinyl gloves are marketed to medical, dental, industrial, laboratory, food & other sectors. Our gloves have passed stringent inspection based on ISO 9001:2011-2013 and are FDA certified. Select your size and style below, small thru extra-large and powdered or powder-free.

* Gloves Thickness: 4 mil / or point, is the verbalized abbreviation for "thousandth(s) of an inch." It is a unit of length equal to 0.001 inch.

* 100% latex free minimizes the risk of latex protein and chemical residue related allergies. All colors are slightly transparent.

* Powder Free or Powdered (choose)

* Poly Vinyl Chloride Formulation Certified FDA / ADA / OSHA / USDA

* 10 Boxes per Case, 100 Gloves per Box, 1000 Gloves Per Case

Most of our customer's prefer this vinyl gloves for such things as food service, allergy free purposes, OSHA approved, day care, dental and cleaning.


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