Hand Sanitizer Stand

Hand Sanitizer Stand/Kiosk
Hand Sanitizer Stand/Kiosk
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Product Description

Hand Sanitizer Stand/Kiosk
1. Standard back plate for use with both hand sanitizer and hand lotion dispensers.

2. No tools required to assemble.

3. Back plate, column and base made of bay gray powder coated steel.

4. Self-righting base, up to 40 inches past center.


Respiratory Hygiene / Flu Station
Holds two boxes of face masks, two thin boxes or one large box of tissues and a bottle of hand sanitizer
Price: $145.00
Wholesale: $99.00
Hand Sanitizer Stand Plus
Easy to clean drip tray made of quartz ABS plastic
Price: $239.00
Wholesale: $209.00
Locking Respiratory Hygiene / Flu Station
Holds a variety of boxes of face masks, gloves, tissues and a hand sanitizer bottle
Price: $199.00
Wholesale: $185.00